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Hourglass, formerly Be Cool, is THE podcast for insight into the life of acclaimed model L. Shima. Join host and creator Shima as she shares ridiculous stories covering 7+ explosive years in the modeling industry full of inspiring highs and heart breaking lows. Regular guests from the fashion, modeling, and fine art industries bring first hand insight into the creative lifestyle.
Eternal optimism, perspectives on Detroit, and visits from her Weimaraner Akira round out every show. Join Shima LIVE on Twitch every week or listen at your convenience via this page or via her Youtube and Soundcloud account.

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*New episodes are currently on hold.

#13 | My Sister Keiko

This week, I have my family over to spend time to celebrate my 25th birthday! While they were here, I decide to have my big sister Keiko on my podcast and share random stories.

#12 | $15 Limit

This week I show you how I get BUSY at thrift stores! I gave myself a budget of $15-20 to find an entire outfit (head to toe)! Was I able to make it work?!

#11 | Modern Day Sex Worker

I share my thoughts on how social media has changed the adult industry and created new ways of working!

#12 | Producing Shoots

I break it down on how I organize and set up a shoot. There are simple ways that can make any shoot successful, just be prepared for a lot of work and  stressful moments!

#9 | Social Interactions

Do you feel shy, awkward, and don't do well talking to others? Or are you quite the opposite? It doesn't matter where you stand, but what does matter is we all have moments dealing with social interactions!! This week I will share my personal experiences, and how I deal with talking to others!! :)

#8 | Shoot Ready: Make-Up

This week I describe what it takes to get "shoot ready" for a variety of gigs - this week covers makeup. THIS ISN'T A TUTORIAL OF HOW TO APPLY MAKE-UP, very far from it! I am more showing the different looks  clients and photographers may ask for, and what those style mean to me. :)

#7 | Hiatus

This week I chat with y'all where my head is at with social media and as well as modeling! And what changes are going to happen.

#6 | Terra Castro

Terra Castro is a retired tri-athlete, gym owner, and an amazing human being. Sit down and watch us chat about fitness, life, Detroit, and just being real!!

#5 | Fit Finesse

This week I get passionate about fitness. Don't worry, I am not that person trying to make you start running marathons or even running 1 mile, but I do break down a few informative facts that can help you if you are interested in becoming a fitness junkie! :)

#4 | Claire Voyant

Claire Voyant is a Detroit model moving to Philly in the next few weeks! Watch as we discuss her opinions one her career, and the things she has dealt with as a professional model!

#5 | Body Positive

This week I discuss the real truth of body image, where I stand myself,  and what models and other individuals may go through in their journey to be happy and healthy!!

#6 | Stephen Crosson

Stephen Crosson is a Detroit photographer who has his own way of handling obstacles and definitely knows how to work the camera! Join me as I get to know him a bit deeper, play random games, and also follow him during his shoot with model Shelby!!!

**Excuse the audio not matching with visuals**  :)

# 1 | The Truth

Hey everyone!! I AM BACK and ready to share a new series called Hourglass! It is pretty much the same as the former podcast Be Cool, but with a few changes. This week I get into why the new changes, and what has truly been happening behind the scenes in my life!

#28 | Trivia Night

Season 2 finale! To end an awesome season, I decided to play a fun game of trivia with some awesome prizes! Plus I give a little history on how Be Cool was created!

#27 | FTV Back In

Francis Vallejo checks in to talk about his adventures, Jazz Day, and baseball cards.

#26 | Be Cool Supporters

Things change and you just have to roll with the punches!

#25 | Current Events

This week I get into random topics. Short, simple, but entertaining!

#24 | Sexual Desires

Does every photographer/artist sleep with their models!?

#23 | Sara Foxy

Foxy is a talented model. She's probably the best woman figure model in Detroit! Join me as I pick Foxy's brain about figure modeling and her other talents!

#22 | Figure Modeling

I started my career with figure modeling. I feel like it is something every model should try to familiarize themselves with their body and poses! I share my thoughts on what it is like to be a figure model!

#21 | Hit You Up in the DM

DM (Direct Message) is the new generation of email. I just hope it doesn't become that serious. This episode I chat about my experiences with DMs, from the GOOD to the UGLY!!

#20 | Crystal Robinson

Crystal is a local Detroit artist. She tackles numerous industries, from designing to math tutoring. She goes deep into her life, and what it takes to be where she is at today.

#19 | Plus 1 AKA Escorts

Definition of an escort: A person that a model brings to their shoot. I discuss my history with escorts, and what I feel is the positive and negative of bringing one!

#18 | LaToya Joy

LaToya shares the inside of her world, and her thoughts towards her hustle in the industry!!

*** I am a klutz, and forgot to record the episode. I was fortunate Periscope came through, and I was able to save the video. So WARNING: the quality is not perfect, but the episode is AMAZING!!***

#17 | Jessa Jordan

Jessa is a phenomenal human being! This episode we get informed about her career and world view.

#16 | Kendrah Harden

Kendrah is a talented model and business woman. She has worked in a variety of modeling genres, plus she is just an awesome person to get to know! All those giggles!! :)

#15 | Valentine

Valentine's day excursion, plus my thoughts on this Reddit post: link.

#14 | Trying to Catch Up

So much has happened!! I don't even know where to start!

#13 | Cassandra Ward

I've worked with MUA Cassandra on many gigs in the past and I finally caught her during down time to get to know her even more! She shared her experiences with make-up, and how to properly maintain good skin!

#12 | Paul Tomayo & Yang Kim

Let's get to know photographer Paul Tamayo and Graphic Designer Yang Kim! Hip-hop, bras, skills, and of course... Vegemite!!

#11 | Planes, Bras, etc.

Want to hear L.Shima's version of what happens when a plane crashes? Maybe that is too dramatic for you. How about we talk about bras and random things? :)

#10 | Organizing Travel

Every time I decide to travel, I have to start a whole process of organizing shoots, schedules, and budget. I’ve begun the process for my current NYC trip, and I've already started dealing with issues!!

#9 | Recap: 2015

I learned a lot this past year, and have big plans for the next!

#8 | Tis the Season: Karaoke

There are no words to describe this episode, other than the words that I just wrote.

#7 | College

My thoughts towards college.

*** My audio begins to lag halfway through this episode :) ***

#6 | Social Media

Social Media surrounds our life. While it allows us a chance to get to know someone, we have to think.. is it true, or is it all lies?

#5 | 80085

Boobs, Butts, Boobs... what is going on here?

#4 | Wacky Detroit Adventures

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, Beard Contests, and the Pet Expo.. The things L.Shima gets into!!

#3 | The Transition

L.Shima discusses her reason for the new direction in her career!

#2 | Detroit

L.Shima gets real. She explains here thoughts towards Detroit, and why she moved there in the first place!

#1 | Welcome Back

I am back! This week, I just go over how Be Cool works, and just have a great time answering questions and sharing stories!

#21 | The Life

This week, L.Shima is goes back and talks more about the process of moving to Detroit, plus a new life changer!

#20.5 | I am Such a Klutz

This week, L.Shima is a complete idiot... ha! I started the live chat exactly at 10pm EST, and spent about 40 minutes talking more about Detroit as well as informing viewers more about my life.. Ends up.. I forgot to push record/stream... So I start over and basically have a random Q&A with my audience. :)

#20 | Big Announcement

This week, L.Shima has a huge announcement to share. It is going to get silly in this episode!

#19 | Thanksgiving Special

This week, it is Thanksgiving week! L.Shima talks about her plans for the holiday, shares an embarrassing photoshoot moment, and ends it with some awesome behind the scenes footage from a past photoshoot!!

#20 | Smile & Show Us Your Feet

This week, L.Shima goes deep informing her fans on the true reason she doesn't smile nor show her feet in her professional images. Plus so much more!! :)

#17 | Professionalism

This week, L.Shima shares her experiences with professionalism in the industry while going on various related tangents.

#16 | Orlando Sanchez

This week, L.Shima invites the talented artist Orlando Sanchez for a fantastic interview about what make Orlando so awesome!

#15 | Catcalls & Beer

This week, L.Shima gets deep with her opinions towards catcalls on the street, plus enjoys a nice conversation with fans about the week’s moments!

#14 | Mika Lovely

This week, the fabulous Mika Lovely stopped on by for Be Cool's 14th episode. She is one of a kind and shares her wise words with everyone who is open ears!!

#13 | Places I’ve Been

This week, Shima talks about the experiences she has had traveling to different cities throughout her modeling career.

#11 | Relationships

This week, Shima gets deep with discussions on relationships with stories, advice, and personal opinions.

#10 | Taylor aka HouseWifeSwag

This week, the glorious Taylor aka Housewifeswag stopped on by for Be Cool's 10th episode. She is a remarkable woman to listen to and inspires people from around the world!!

#9 | Jordanlehn

This week, Jordanlehn stopped by to voice her thoughts and experiences throughout her modeling career. We had a few bumps in the beginning, but we pushed through to create a glorious episode!

#8 | The Story Behind the Images

This week, L.Shima grabs your favorite images and gives a story on what happened behind the scenes, who shot the image, and what it took to get the fabulous photo you adore!

#7 | Krystal Fang

This week, L.Shima brings on the talented model Krystal Fang. So much was discussed, it will blow you away!!!

#6 | My Childhood

This week, L.Shima reminisces about her childhood from the day she was born up until her bad days in high school.

#5 | Modeling 101

This week, L.Shima talks about her own personal experiences travelling as a freelance model as well as informing other individuals of the steps needed to make it happen!

#4 | Francis Vallejo

This week, L.Shima has a very special guest arrive in person, the brilliant illustrator, Francis Vallejo. They sit down and discuss about the start of Francis' career as well as a more in depth look into art, business, and their own personal relationship!!

#3 | Scammed

This week, L.Shima discussed modeling scams, and the difference between independent and agency representation.

#2 | Early Career

L. Shima is back, only this time, technical difficulties prevented the video to record. So instead she stuck with audio this round. Don't worry everything should be up and running for next episode!! This week, L.Shima gets into depth about the start of her modeling life, and advice for others looking to pursue modeling as a career.

#1 | Welcome!

L. Shima welcomes everyone to her very first episode. She talks about the grind of gym life and transitioning into a healthy lifestyle. After lusting after pizza, she then discusses how to use habitrpg.com to become more focused and ends off with fans Q&A. All around, a legendary episode.